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Full/Winter Schedule Below

Classes are subject to change

Buying a Punchcard/Multipass is done at the time of registering for a class. If you are new or are out of classes on your multipass, simply find the class you want to book and when you get to checkout, you will be given a list of Punchcard/Multipass options. From there, you pick the one you want and proceed thru checkout. You do not have to book all your classes at the time of purchase.* Parents, be sure you include your Date of Birth so the system knows you are the parent and not the athlete. Punchcards are set up for a family so all athletes can use one punchcard/Multipass.

WAITLIST: When you put your athlete on the waitlist, you are hoping that someone "unregisters" for that class opening up a spot. If that happens, you will recieve an email asking if you want that spot. It is also emailed to anyone else on that list. The first person to click on thae link wins. If no one clicks the link after an hour, it is opened up to the public.

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